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Everything about the Wildfire Effect Sets for Movieshop

Wildfire-Movieshop Effect Sets

Andreas Küssner created some Mpovieshop-Wildfire Effect Sets to use with the Wildfire-Movieshop Operator by Heinrich Angler. There are 4 different Sets available, which contains different effect groups. They are sold for 69 DM (45 $) to 99 DM (60 $) or as bungdle all together for 279 DM (179 $) directly by Andreas Küssner.

Andreas Küssner
Clara-Wieck-Str. 25
48527 Nordhorn

EMail: ak@wk-artworks.de (Wildfire-Support)
p> The following texts contain informations about the different effect groups and the effects which are included inside the for sets. If you need more informations about it, simply contact Andreas Küssner!

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