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How to create own Effect-Sessions for Movieshop


Inside Movieshop you can handle the Wildfire Operator just like any other Special Effect. Simply place it on the timeline and enjoy the Effects. Inside the Operator you have to select the Effect-group and the Effect you want to use. There are two global kinds of Effects:

Effects for one Image-Sequence

There is a clear defined way the Wildfire-Movieshop Operator works:

Effects for two Image-Sequences (that means Composing/Transition)

The Wildfire-Movieshop Operator works almost the same way like when creating Effects for one Image-Sequence. Just the effect directory is not called `One` but `Two` and the effect session has to load two images called `Input1` and `Input2`:

Example of an own Effect for two Image-Sequences (a Transition)

Now we are going to tell you how to create own effect sessions inside Wildfire, which may be used from inside Movieshop. We want to create an own effect-group where we will save our own effect-session.

First of all we add a directory called `OwnEffects` to the Wildfire-Movieshop-Standard-directory
(f.i. using a Shell):
makedir WF:Sessions/MovieShop/Two/OwnEffects
Now we start Wildfire 7 and load the already existing standard session for the effect creation inside Wildfire.
This sessions includes already all earlier mentioned facts concerning the effect creations and the things the user has to know about it. The images `Input1` and `Input2` will be loaded inside the Buffer `Stream` and `Temp1`. Furtheron there is an compose effect which composes between the buffers `Stream` and `Temp1`. Between the LoadImage effects and the Compose effect we can place own effects wich change the images. We can even delete the compose effect and create a transition using all the other Wildfire effects. We just need to know the following facts:
The first result of the session should contain the buffer Stream almost unchanged to get a smooth start. The last resulting-image should contain the buffer Temp1 - so the transition is finished. Between these images there should be smooth transition starting from the input image 1 (inside the Stream buffer) and ending with the input image 2 (inside the Temp1 buffer).
As output there must be a image sequence using the base-name `WF_MVS:Result` selected.
As told earlier, all this settings are included inside the Standard compose session which we already loaded into Wildfire. Now we are going to save this session inside the directory `WF:Sessions/MovieShop/Two/OwnEffects/`. We choose a name like f.i. `Effect1.session`.

Now we can add the Wildfire-Movieshop-Operator to Movieshop`s timeline. We select as Mode `Current Compose`, so the Opertor uses the currently inside Wildfire loaded effect-session. Thats the best way to control the effect-changes inside Movieshop. Now insert the effects you want to use inside Wildfire and check out the result. Have a look at all the supplied effect-sessions for getting an impression on how to use and combine the effects.

Ready-to-use effects

When ordering the Movieshop-Operator you`ll get some free effects. Andreas Küssner creates some other Effect-Sets which may be used from inside the Movieshop-Wildfire-Operator.


Wildfire`s main-window, the standard-compose session is loaded. You see the input (Black Frames) and the Output (Image Sequence, Name: WF_MVS:Result).

Wildfire Project Page

This is Wildfire`s input. We use `Black Frames` se the operator can change the size and the number of the input image. This will be done automatically.

Wildfire Input

At the next image you see Wildfire`s Effect-page. At the top of the script there are the two LoadImage effects that load the input images into the buffer Stream and Temp1. Afterwards the effects creating the transition are placed. Inside this example the buffer Temp1 will be used as background and the Cube effect mappes the Stream buffer on a cube which is getting smaller and smaller until you only see the background - that means the second input image.

Wildfire Effecte Page

These are the two LoadImage effects. The first one loads the image `WF_MVS:Input1` into the Stream buffer and th second one the image `WF_MVS:Input2` into the Temp1 buffer. Inside the effect-session you have to compose between these both buffers.

Wildfire LoadImage Effect 1

Wildfire LoadImage Effect 2

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