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Wildfire Operator for MovieShop

WfMS is an operator for MacroSystem's MovieShop.
It enables the usage of Wildfire as effectgenerator for videos.
Now the synthesis of two tremendous programms for image- and videoprocessing has become reality.
The operator knows four different modes:
1. Single Image
   This mode is used to work on a single videoscene rendering with predefined wildfire-session-scripts.
2. Compose
In this mode you can combine two videoscenes and render them with predefined wildfire-session-scripts.
3. Current Single
Basicly the same as Single Image, but the effect is already loaded into Wildfire.
Using this option, you can design and test a new effect of your own. Be careful to export your work, because WfMS does not

know which effect you have been choosen and therefor it is not possible to store the effect in MovieShop.
If you want to use the effect in the future, you must save it as a wildfire-movieshop-session and use the Single-Image-option.
This mode is designed for experienced wildfire-users, who want do develop their own video-effects.

4. Current Compose
Like Compose, but handling is like Current Single. 

The developers of wildfire have already designed a couple of ready-to-use
effectscripts to demonstrate the power of this synthesis.
Some effects are in this package, other effects can be bought seperately.
Much more effects are expected to come in the future.

You can (if you want) produce your own effects, maybe based on the exisiting ones.
The clear and simple conception of wildfire makes it really easy.
How to do this is described in the wildfire-documentation.
All effected programs can run on a normal Amiga as well as on a Draco-System.
Before installing WfMS, you should enshure, that you have updated your wildfire-program
to a version >= 7.13. This is the first version WfMS can operate with.
A upgrade patch for registered WF-users is included in this package.
Second you have to copy the operator and its .ext-file (WfMS and WfMS.ext) into MovieShop's
operators drawer.
The drawer movieshop has to be copied into wf:sessions.
After starting Wildfire and MovieShop, which are both necessary for effect-rendering, it is
recommended that you have almost 3 better 5 MB RAM free. This is because the operator takes
the T: drawer to store the images temporarily.
If you don't have so much RAM, you can assign T: to any drawer on your harddisc, but be
shure that there is enough (>5 MB) space available.
There are also three little AREXX-scripts included, which you may find useful.
They can control Wildfire's windowstate (iconfied or active) from MovieShop.
You don't need a active WF-window to operate and there may be a speedup when it is iconfied.
To use those scripts, you must copy them to MovieShop/macros and then activate them in the
You may use the WF-Operator like any other MovieShop-operator in the timeline of a cuttinglist.
Inside the operator's window you can define the settings for mode, effectgroup, effect and rendermode.
To start rendering you must have loaded Wildfire previously.
That's generally all.

In the timeline, the operator shows the name of the currently used effect and effectgroup instead of the operatorname.
The operatorname is shown on both sides of the operator-gadget.

In the line named "Status" you can see the actual step during effectrendering, if the operator-window is opened.

The RenderMode-gadget offers four different options:

Normal:             The effect will be rendered. To enshure, that you have the right effect-session
                    the session-script is loaded with every step.
                    This has the advantage,that you can use more than one WF-Operator at the same
                    time (UPN-mode) inside the cuttinglist but it will slow down processing.

Reverse:            Same as Normal, but the effect is rendered reversely.
                    Therefor you have no need to generate a new script if you want to invert the

Normal no repeat:   Same as Normal, but the session-script is loaded only once.
                    This will speed up rendering, but you can not use a second WfMS-Operator at the
                    same time.

Reverse no repeat:  Same as Normal no repeat, but the effect is inverted.

With the gadget InputMode you can switch between videosource 1 and videosource 2 for rendering, this
means you can decide, which of your scenes will be effectsource 1 and which effectsource 2.
This options is only available in Compose modes.

Some effects will take a good while to finish especially if you don't own a ppc or a 68060.
So please be patient. You can not cancel rendering while wildfire is working and sometimes it seems
there is nothing going on any more.
But your computer is doing real hard work for you and you will get a real good wedge.

Other stuff:
WfMS was written using the StormC-Compiler by Haage&Partner.
Testing and development were done on a Draco including a V-Lab-Motion-Card with OS 3.1 and MovieShop 4.3.
This operator is not freeware !!!
If you like it, you may send me a postcard or an email with your name and address.
You will get a registration number and support (and the bank where you must send your money ;-)).
The price is 30,-- DM inside Germany and 40,-- DM for the rest of the world (sorry for that, but the post
is expensive).
Of course, nor Wildfire neither MovieShop is included in this price.

MovieShop:  MacroSystem         WWW-Homepage: http://www.macrosystem.de
If you are interested in exsisting effects, or you have an idea for a tremendous new effect,
please contact me or the productmanager of Wildfire Andreas Kuessner (EMAIL: eksec@eure.de)
We will see, what we can do for you.
If you are interested in other MovieShop-operators or have the idea for a new one, you can
also send me a message. I will see how I can help you.


The authors do not take any warranty for demages on people, machines, hard- or software or videomaterial
that may appear when this software is used.
The usage is on your own risc.
Autor:  Heinrich Angler
                Hartstr. 28
                D-82110 Germering
EMail:  Heinrich.Angler@muenchen.de

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