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How to run Wildfire

Starting Wildfire

The program can be directly started from the Workbench or by typing "wf [options]" in a shell-window. Wildfire needs at least a stack of 16000.

When there is a PPC in your Amiga (we recommend this for high speed) instead of the 680x0 operators PPC operators are used. We support the PowerUP system as Phase5 suggested it.
Inside the Bonus drawer on the Wildfire you`ll find the current (at the time of the CD creation) 68040/68060 librarys and the PPC-Librarys from Phase 5. You`ll need at least these versions for running Wildfire.



stack 60000
cd e:/wf/
wf -debug2 >ram:Debug2.txt

... will write the debug output into the file RAM:Debug2.txt .


If you start Wildfire from it`s icon you can specify the following options inside the icon

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