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First steps

Wildfire`s Windows and Menu

After initialization Wildfire opens it's Main-Window on a screen of your choice. This is the default public screen for the startup.

Wildfire On Startup

You can change this inside the MUI preferences. Just select the MUI settings from inside menu. There you can define a own public screen with your personal screen depth. We recommend 24 bit if this is possible on your configuration. 32 colors works o.k if you have no GFX-Card, but 24 bit is recommended because it`s faster for your previews. (Wildfire calculates all the effects in 24 Bit and so it has nothing to render down when displaying the preview)

        How to change the MUI settings (Example: select an own screen)

From the main window you can select three pages and choose some other parts from Wildfire`s menu.

The 3 Pages

The Window titel

Inside the window title some informations are displayed. Between the brackets the current so-called session you are working on is shown.

Wildfire7\PPC - 1996-98 by WK-Artworks (SequenceRollFade.session )
This means that I currently work on the SequenceRollFade.session.

Online Help

All buttons and all sub-windows of Wildfire have their own online-help (mui-bubbles) where you can get informations about their functions. Inside the MUI settings you can select the time you have to stop the mouse pointer until the bubbles will be displayed.

If you want to know what a effect or a window is used for then make sure that the window you want to get informations about is selected and your mouse pointer is situated in front of his window (not over a gadget). After some seconds a helpt text is displayed and tells you what you can do inside this window.

If your mousepointer is located over a gadget then the help text from this gadget is displayed.

Window size

Inside the right corner of all the different windows there are three gadgets, the left one is used to iconify the window or save the current window dimensions or start the MUI preferences progam. The other two gadgets are standard Amiga gadgets. If you want to fix the size of your current window then select the third gadget and choose Snapshot.

The Menu

From inside the menu (just press the right mousebutton) you can reach some other functions and program parts.

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