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Wildfire`s Concept


Wildfire7\PPC is the second generation of our attempt to create a new and powerful concept for image- and animation-processing.

The common way of image processing is to create an image by performing one or more separate operations (e.g. Scaling, Composing, Balancing, ...) on a source-image. Finally the destination-image is saved and in the most cases all informations about the operations done are lost.

The common way of animation processing is to simply convert one single animation from one format into another, to combine several animations into one destination animation, or to apply one predefined special-effect to a single animation.

In Wildfire7\PPC these two totally different operations are just two simple special cases of it's unique concept:

To put it bluntly, Wildfire can be thought as the combination of a (very powerful) image-processor and an animation-converter. So it consists of two major program-parts:
The Converter and the special effect Processor.
Inside the Converter you select the graphic stream (thats on the Project page) and inside the Processor you specify the special effects (thats why this page is called Effects) and the variables and all the other things as options for the render process and so on...
Read about this and more inside the following sections!

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